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Wow - what a great trip!  The local folks, the country, the food, and the friendly and talented international band members all made this an event to remember!

We'd like to express our thanks to the entire Cast family and all of the people in Mexicali who made us and all of the attending bands feel so welcome and comfortable.  What a wonderful experience - hopefully we'll be back again someday!

Please enjoy the photo gallery. Below the images are reviews of Puppet Show's performance at the festival.

"Ah yes, the ubiquitous mascot of BajaProg '98... The Mime.  Our silent friend appeared on stage with many of the bands. In our case, he helped distract attention while BAG changed a string midset.

It was also notable that annoyance with mimes knows no borders, as witnessed by the applause from the international audience when BAG pantomimed ramming his guitar into The Mime's backside when his head was turned.

He was a very nice fellow, though... just chose an unfortunate career."

"Here's Seanch, apparently singing something passionate."

"Dr. D, not chipper-enough to regale the willing crowds with ELP renditions while Sweatasaurus works one up, changing a string in mid-stream."

"The Gulpster shredding it up with his Flabber haircut.  Oddly enough, he seems to prefer 'Sweatasaurus' to 'BAG'.  Not sure why.  He did manage a pretty convincing Alan Holdsworth impersonation during 'In The Dead Of Night'."

"Goatboy twiddles busily on his precious Rickey.  Observed Salem's keyboardist, 'That's a great bass - I love it!  But when you played, I saw your fingers move, but nothing came out.'"

"Lipauthority lurking behind a wall of drum hardware.    Lippo regaled the progressive multitudes with bombastic displays of volcanic drumming in between drinking margaritas and sleeping."

"We believe that half a Gulp is still a lot more guitarist than most bands have!   And finally, a picture where Seanch isn't grimacing as if in pain.

Meanwhile, Goat gazes contentedly at the mic stand's locking collar... maybe a little too contentedly."

Color photos: Linda Shulman
B&W photos: Annette Vasquez

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